Time & Place

I joined Noma in 2016 because I was searching for clarity and inspiration to fuel my learning and future ambitions. I applied for the opportunity with the Two Michelin Star restaurant hoping to bring my interest in ecology together with my career.

The act of foraging for ingredients wasn’t a big deal at the time but a massive source of inspiration. The ability to taste unique and exciting flavours and textures from all corners of Australia was indeed a privilege. Having one of the worlds most renowned chefs Rene Redzepi share with you give you his thoughts and ideas was very uplifting.

Foraging plays a big part at Noma but its not the physical activity of foraging that brings the menu together. The foraged element of the dish in my mind anchors the dish in this notion of ‘time’- seasonality and ‘place- geography. This emphasis forces you to strip back everything and look at new ways of preparing ingredients. Its about distilling the day onto a plate- rediscovering the landscape.

Foraging has long been an activity practiced for 50,000 years in Australia before the arrival of settlers. It is seeing a revival as chefs push further building on culinary traditions through innovation and finding new ways of eatting. Foraging as a means of inspiration pushes us to explore the edible potential of a region and by doing so fuels our creativity and thought process directly. Infinite choice in todays world is paralysing for chefs. If we acknowledge the geographic boundaries around us, we begin to build the foundation for gastronomy which inevitably gives us much needed limitation from which to experiment and play.